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Freedom First magazine

Freedom First is a very renowned magazine. It is published in English. It is a monthly magazine. It was first published in the year 1953 and after that the magazine is published every month without any breaks in between. The magazine is published by the Indian Committee for Cultural Freedom. This Committee was established by Minoo Masani in Mumbai then Bombay.

The motto of this magazine is minimum government and maximum freedom. It stands solid to the individual responsibility, in which the people's genius has a fair opportunity to develop and grow.

The editor of the magazine is S.V.Raju. All the articles of the magazine are published with a liberal view. As the name suggests the magazine Freedom First stands for freedom first and then the Government. The magazine is not backed by the Government or any other political party. It totally focuses on the freedom and the individuality and the responsibility of the individual. It gives the people full privilege to judge whether a particular thing is correct or not. It focuses on the making of India into a liberal and free nation from any pressures.

The magazine emphasizes on those section of the society who are silent and are suffering by the goals and the thinking of the insensitive laws of the Government, if any. It also fights through the articles written to give this section of the society a fair chance. It also focuses on the economic reforms and the mindset of the Government. Freedom First clearly stands for minimum Government and maximum freedom. The magazine is totally against any discrimination against caste or creed or sex. It does not support the ideology of any people or group that seems to develop hatred among the people of the nation. The Freedom First is therefore a very liberal magazine and totally stands for the freedom of each and every individual of the nation.


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