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Gandhigram Rural University

The need for rural development programmes was felt by the disciples of Gandhiji, Dr. G. Ramachandran and Dr. T.S. Soundaram. The outcome was Gandhigram in 1947, which turned out to be the Gandhigram Rural Institute in 1956. After 20 years of academic services, the institute was conferred the deemed university status in the year 1976. Thus the Gandhigram Rural University came into existence.


The Gandhigram Rural University campus is located near Dindigul in the Sirumalai range. The campus is around 200 acres surrounded by a chain of mountains in the West and Madurai in the North. Ambathurai is the nearest railway station to the Gandigram Rural Univeristy campus. Madurai is the nearest airport to this campus.

Faculties in Gandhigram Rural University

There are seven faculties that offer different types of courses that are helpful for rural development. The faculties include Faculty of Tamil, Indian Languages, & Rural Arts, The Faculty of English and Foreign Languages, The Faculty of Rural Social Sciences, The Faculty of Rural Oriented Sciences, Faculty of Rural Development, Faculty of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, and the Faculty of Rural Health and Sanitation.

Infrastructure available

The Gandhigram Rural University has very good infrastructure that is comparable to the best in the country. The infrastructure consists of a Computer Centre with a Common Lab, an MCA lab, and a Multimedia Lab. There are around 150 PCs altogether in the computer centre with around 10 Servers to serve the systems connected in LAN and WAN. The centre has a internet bandwidth of 8 Mbps.

The library in the Gandhigram Rural University is named after the founder and is about 5600 sq.ft. The library has good collection of books, periodicals, back volumes, thesis, dissertations, project reports, CD collections, Braille books, and Videopedia. With over 1 Lac books, you can find one on any subject.

A Placement Bureau, Yoga Centre, Health Centre and Centre for Indigenous Knowledge are some of the other infrastructure that is available in the Gandhigram Rural University.