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Garhwal Express

Garhwal Express connects Kothdwara with Delhi. Kothdwara is a very popular starting point for two major Indian pilgrimages- the Kedarnath and the Badrinath pilgrimage. Train Nos. 4043 and 4044 run from Kothdwara to Delhi and Delhi to Kothdwara respectively.

One special characteristic about this train is that it begins and terminates its journey from the Old Delhi Station. Garhwal Express No. 4043 starts at 3 PM and reaches its destination at 9.45 PM. In all, the journey takes 6 hours and 45 minutes. The train makes 12 stops in between and passengers can embark or disembark at any stop. This is a Mail Express train that offers daily service between the two destinations. The train travels 238 kms and you can travel by AC Chair car by paying Rs. 271 and by 2nd Sitting by paying Rs. 77. Tatkal facility is available to the passengers of this train.

Garhwal Express No. 4044 leaves from Delhi Old Station and travels to Kothdwara. The mode of travel is either by AC Chair car or by 2nd Sitting. The daily service begins at 6.55 AM and the train reaches Kothdwara at 2.20 PM. In all, the train takes 7 hours and 25 minutes to complete its journey of 238 kms. The time taken is more because the train makes 12 stops- 2 more than Train No. 4043.