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Geeta Jayanti Samaroh

'''The Geeta Jayanti Samaroh''' which takes place in the holy land of Kurukshetra in Haryana is a special festival dedicated to the birth of Srimad Bhagwad Gita, the holy book of the Hindus. This festival is celebrated amid huge fanfare and respect.

* This festival is very sacred to Hindus and is thus celebrated with immense devotion.

* Like the Geeta Jayanti Samaroh the place Kurukshetra is also very holy and important to the Hindus. This place is inseparable from the India culture and Hindu mythology.

* The festival of Geeta Jayanti Samaroh is organized by Kurukshetra Development Board of Haryana Tourism, District Administration, North Zone Cultural Centre Patiala and Information and Public Relations Department Haryana.

* This festival is the annual event celebrated in Kurukshetra. Kurukshetra is the divine, sacred land for Hindus. This festival is more a fair which is organized during the months of November or December. It lasts for seven days.

* In Kurukshetra only the renowned sage Manu wrote the Manusmriti. Besides, the Rig Veda and the Sama Veda were also composed here. It is believed that this land was visited by divine attributes like Lord Krishna, Gautama Buddha and some eminent Sikh Gurus.

* The Geeta Jayanti Samaroh has gained immense importance and popularity with the passing of years especially among the Hindu Community. A large crowd of tourists visit Kurukshetra during the event to take part in this sacred fair.

* The fair lasts for about a week and the major attractions of the fair are; Shloka recital, dance, Bhagwad Geeta reading, bhajans, dramas, book exhibitions, free medical checkup camps for the poor and many more.