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"Gharelu Nuskhe" for Preparing Home Remedies

"Gharelu Nuskhe" for Preparing Home Remedies[edit]

Powder: Dry material in shade. Crush to make fine powder and sieve through a cloth.

Paste: Powder the materials, heat with a little water and make into fine paste or crush the material, add a little water and grind to make a paste.

Fresh Juice: Wash the material (Parts of Plant) and remove dirt. Chop the plant into small pieces and crush well. Squeeze the crushed material through a cloth and collect juice.

Milk Decoction: Wash the material and make it into small pieces and pound it. Boil half cup of it with one cup of milk and four cups of water. Reduce it to one cup. Filter it and use.

  • The ratio of ingredients is given in each column separately. It should be taken preferably in empty stomach. Any food should be taken only after one hour of taking decoction (Kashaya).

Instructions: Generally all the preparations are for internal use. In other c ases special description is given on how to use (external, gargle etc).

  • When honey, milk, hot water, jiggery, sugar etc. are mentioned as vehicle, it should be taken in sufficient quantity. If the course of medicine is not mentioned it has to be taken till there is relief for the complaint.
  • Triphala is a group of three fruits namely Haritaki(Harad), Vibhitaki (Baheda), Aakalaki (Aamla), Trikatu consists of three pungents called Pippali, Marich, Sunthi (Dry ginger).
  • The above mentioned medicines can be used at a primary health care level and also as preventives.
  • Most of these conditions need very systematic treatment.
  • So please get the advice of a good physician for specific, severe and prolonged illness.

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