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Google Customer Care in India

Submitted by Ekikrat on Fri, 02/04/2011 - 21:45

Google, one of the pioneers and leaders of the web based service industry, offers various free services and web based tools including web search, e-mail, social networking, blogging and provides exceptional customer care through a robust online support system.
Following tips will help you to efficiently contact Google customer support division and get a quick resolution of your problem.

Approach Google customer care in India via online[edit]

The different services that one can avail from Google online help[edit]

Approach Google Customer Care on the phone[edit]

Google Office Address:[edit]

Google Bangalore
Google India Pvt. Ltd
No. 3, RMZ Infinity - Tower E
Old Madras Road
3rd, 4th, and 5th Floors
Bangalore, 560 016
Phone: +91-80-67218000

Google Gurgaon
Google India Pvt Ltd
8th and 9th Floors
Tower C Building No.8
DLF Cyber City
Gurgaon India
Phone: +91-124-4512900

Google Hyderabad
Google India Pvt. Ltd
Block 1, DivyaSree Omega
Survey No. 13, Kondapur Village,
Andhra Pradesh, India

Google Mumbai
Google India Pvt Ltd
264-265 Vaswani Chambers
1st Floor
Dr Annie Besant Road
Mumbai, 400 025
Phone: +91-22-6611-7200


Dear Sir/Mam: I don't know what mistake i done with my account,but I'm unable to sign into my account, Error showing as your mail is disabled, so please help me I'm doing my Master of Engineering in India and i have lots of stuff in it please help me.. now im in so confusion and i don't know what to do the complaining mail address is " " PLEASE HELP ME

Dear Sir, i can not receive emails on my account sinc last some days and i cant send emails.They both problem in my this account.I think the problem is my DNS (domain name system).They show my DNS is unauthorised .. plz sir solve my problem please

Dear Sir, i can not receive emails on my account sinc last some days and i cant send emails.They both problem in my this account.I think the problem is my DNS (domain name system).They show my DNS is unauthorised .. plz sir solve my problem please

im receiving always pornography mails from unknow user i want find them , how ? pls give me a good solutions

im receiving always pornography mails from unknow user i want find them , how ? pls give me a good solutions

my gmail account is full almost 95% & deleted last 2000 & 2500 mail bt no areenge free space so plz increase my account quota.... please help me...

I cant access my google account. It is showing age requirement error. Iam 20 years old. I cant send email but it is asking me to send mail or fax. I can send them. Please help me to solve this problem. I dont wanna loose my videos in youtube and i have some important pictures in my gmail.

Dear Sir, My mail is full for last two weeks, now, please guide me how to increse my mail id capacity. (09310395231)

On google one trust named "SHANTINIKETAN CHARITABLE TRUST" where my mobile no :- 9921996565 has been placed may be by mistake for I am not consern with the trust by any means. I dont wish my number to be reflected on google search engine for the above mentioned trust. Please guide me and kindly do the needful.

Google Gmail Incorporation. 30 Leicester Square. City,London. Country, United Kingdom. Postal/Zip Code, WC2H 7LA +447017026595 =========================== Dear Guarantee Winner, We wish to congratulate you once again on this note, for being part of the Five (5) winners selected for the Annual Lottery Promotions. GOOGLE CORPORATION AND RED IFFMAIL LOTTERY felicitate with you and your family. This promotion was set-up to encourage the active users of the Internet Microsoft Windows, Gmail and Rediffmail. Hence we do believe with your winning prize ,you will continue to be active and patronage to the Gmail online lotto. I wish to formally announce to you that you have successfully pass the requirements, statutory obligations, verifications, validations and satisfactory report Test conducted for all online winners. A winning cheque has been issued in your name and your Two HP Laptops by the Gmail and RedIffmail Online Lotto board, This is to inform you that all is set for the delivery of your winning parcel to your home address which you have provide to this office. We will only deliver the parcel to the address received ,and we will only hand over the parcel to the beneficiary ONLY whom will sign for its collection. This individual must have a valid identification of him/herself as proof. Also we do not allow customers to send their friends or relatives to pickup their parcel on their behalf, due to security reasons. Having considered all possible measures to convey your winning cheque to you, we resolve to use fairway Courier, under the Diplomatic Umbrella here in UK ( FAIRWAY COURIER , LONDON). We have made all necessary arrangement to convey your winning prize directly to your doorstep. Your name, phone number and address has been Received and sent to our department in charge of the delivery. Parcel items are priced according to the tariff zone of the destination country, volumetric weight (1m? = 0.5kg)of the item, additional services selected and in accordance with the value of the parcel. Let it be known to you that all taxes has been paid by (Gmail and Rediffmail Lottery Board Organization).Therefore, you will only berequired to pay for the Clearing charges which is 18,500 INR only for the clearing of your consignment from the Indian custom upon the arrival of our diplomat to your country India. The delivery officer ( Diplomat Mr Tom Cole ) will personally present to you all the relevant documents and your winning cash and certificate and also assist you through all the process of remittance there in your home country (INDIAN). You are advice to make the required 18,500 INR available to him once he arrives India to enable him fulfill the normal Indian customs handlingcharges/clearing obligations at the International Airport so that your parcel Five Hundred Thousand Great British Pound Sterlings {500,000.00GBP} which is equivalent to 40,200,000 INR (4Crores and 2lahks converted to india Rupees) and your two HP laptops can be release to him by the Indian customs so that he can proceed to your address to handover your parcel to you. Note: If this terms of our delivery your winning parcel is okay by you please get back to us immidiately, you are to reconfirmed your personal phone number, Present home address and also with any of your passport size photograph for our diplomat to recongnised you as soon as he gets to your country India. You are to inform us about your decision within the next 12 hours before we commence delivery or it will lead to disqualification of winning parcel. Kindly note that you have to make a cash deposit of Rs. 18,500 INR to India custom before our representative (Diplomat Mr Tom Cole ) will leave the airport to your home contact address given to him. PLEASE REMEMBER TO SEND COPY OF YOUR PHOTO OR ID FOR EASY IDENTIFICATION. On behalf of the entire members and staff of The GOOGLE CORPORATION AND RED IFFMAIL LOTTERY and the British gaming board, I want to congratulate you and your family for this wonderful opportunity. We await your urgent reply to this mail. Upon the receipt of this email kindly inform us about your decision before we commence delivery Your satisfaction is our priority and we look forward to provide you with the best of our quality service.Do have a wonderful day in anticipation of hearing from you Yours Sincerely, Executive Director Mr Cox Rooney { Google Gmail London} Call for assistance Tell No: +447017026595 i have received e mail from your company its true or not reply me

My password has been changed but the person who changed he himself forgot the password. Now what should i do. Email (9899265534)

My Android with IMEI No. 356637050326627 was theft one and half months ago. I was using gmail account with that phone. My device is showing in google dashboard with IMEI number till date. How can trace that device? How to contact Google Legal Department in India for above issue?

I am having another gmail account and its id is sice 3 years I am not using this Now i want that Id. I forgot my password how can I open the gmail account?

I am having another gmail account and its id is Since more than 3 years I am not using this id. Now I want to login to this Id. I forgot the password. please help me to login

my google account had been recently hacked.the hacker deleted my google+ account which led to deletion of my page on youtube.although i hav nw changd my password and have got my account back.i want to know if there is any way i could get back all my google+ account data and youtube data. please help i am in urgent need

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