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Gopinathjika Gara Mela

Fairs and festivals form an integral part in the lives of the Indian people. Most of the fairs in India are celebrated to commemorate certain important religious events or to pay tribute to the Gods or Goddesses of the Hindu religion. All these religious fairs are celebrated with high spirit by the devotees. Several religious activities and rituals are also being performed by the people during fair. In general, there are several religious fairs in our country. Gopinathjika Gara Mela is one such important religious fair that is being celebrated every year at the Banswara district of Gopinathjika.

'''About the fair '''

Gopinathjika Gara Mela is an important fair in the state of Rajasthan. This fair is generally celebrated in the month of September as per the Gregorian calendar and last for only a day. Gopinathjika Gara Mela is celebrated by the people to pay their homage to Lord Gopinath. The fair is considered quite sacred by the people of Hindu religion. Several devotees throng from different pats of the country to celebrate this important fair.

'''Activities '''

During the Gopinathjika Gara Mela the whole village is gloriously decorated by the local people with different attractive and colorful flowers and lightening. Many stalls selling several important items like garments, utensils, food stuffs, women decorative items, etc. are set up by the traders. Traders from the adjoining areas flock here to promote and sell their goods and services. The important features of the trade include traditional folk dances and music, dramas, amazing stunt shows and so on and so forth. The trade is also accompanied by fabulous display of fireworks by the people.