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Grihasti is the story of the seven women of the Khurana household and how they cope with life when they lose the protection and security of their only male member. It is the story of their struggle to find their footing in a male-dominated world; a world that is completely alien to them. No one in the world is perfect. And everyone is intrinsically aware of their inherent drawbacks. So are the three daughters of Balraaj’s household Simar, Rano and Sohni. But they have grown up in a home which has fostered so much love that it is second nature for each sister to compensate for another’s weakness while encouraging her to overcome it. This makes them a great team when together, but puts them at a disadvantage when they are alone. Simar, Rano and Sohni are like the three goddesses of the trinity of Saraswati, Lakshmi and Durga all have qualities that every girl aspires to, yet each finds completeness only when they complement each other.

Balraaj’s household revolves around the patriarch. He is the pillar that holds up the house and all the women are largely dependent on him for their interactions with the outside world. The story takes a twist when Balraaj realizes that he has a very little time to live. He realizes the helplessness of the women where is he not around to guide and protect them. It becomes imperative that he gets the girls settled before it is too late. But eventually one day he passes away and the women have to now step out of the house and fend for themselves. Sukh is the story of the struggle the girls have to go through to find their place in the outside world and step into the shoes of their father and run his male dominated business. That is when they find their strengths and complement each other to overcome their weaknesses.

Produced By :Sphere Origins

Directed By: Anupama Mandloi


Kiran Kumar - Balraaj Khurana (father of Simar and Soni) Vaidehi Amrute - Amrit Khurana (mother of Simar and Soni) Khushbu - Simar Khurana (elder daughter of Balraaj and Amrit Khurana) Neha Desai - Soni Khurana (younger daughter of Balraaj and Amrit Khurana) Aarti Singh - Rano (daughter of Najo Bua) Sunila Karambekar - Najo Bua (widowed sister of Balraaj) Anand Suryavanshi - Rishi (Simar's husband) Shahbaaz Khan - Jaydev Khurana (elder brother of Balraaj Khurana) Shaleen Bhanot - Manas Ahuja


Program will be telecasted at 2.00 – 2.30 PM.


On Monday to Friday.

Which TV:

Star Plus