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HDFC Phone Banking

The HDFC bank offers '''HDFC Phone Banking''' facility for its customers through which you can access your account and manage the transactions on phone at anytime from anywhere. While you start a new account with the HDFC bank you will be given a Customer ID number along with the welcome letter. After you receive your welcome letter you can apply for your Telephone Identification Number (TIN), which acts as a password for HDFC phone banking facility.

'''Register for HDFC Phone Banking'''
To register for HDFC phone banking facility you can download the phone banking application form from the HDFC bank website. Then you can fill it completely along with your signature and you can drop it in your nearest HDFC bank branch. You will receive your Telephone Identification Number (TIN) through courier. Before registering for phone banking facility you should have a active HDFC bank account.

'''Services offered through Phone Banking'''
* Demand Draft request
* Know latest Interest rates
* Know about latest HDFC bank products
* Report loss of debit card, credit card and any cheques
* Bill payment service
* Funds transfer between accounts
* Fixed Deposits
* New Cheque book request
* Know Cheque Status
* Know Account Balance

The HDFC bank uses Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) to provide its customers a safe, secure and fastest phone banking service. Through IVRS the confidential information of a customer is kept secure from the bank’s customer care executives. After dialing for phone banking you can follow the instructions of IVRS to enter your account information to validate yourself.

The HDFC bank Phone banking facility avoids the long queues and lots of paper work. With HDFC bank’s phone banking you can manage your account by a phone call. The HDFC phone banking uses good infrastructure and standard technologies to provide safe and secure service to its clients. Sometimes the HDFC phone banking may not provide you all the facilities, in such cases you can opt for net banking facility or you can visit your HDFC branch and consult your banker for the services you are looking for. The HDFC phone banking facility is offered for free of cost. No additional fee is charged for this facility.


you get a envelope when you open a bank account with HDFC in which you get net banking passwword, if you are not able to find it or forget it, call the HDFC phone banking number, they will help you.

i can't access my netbanking in hdfc bank.i found my customer id & ipin.plz tell me or send me.first time access then check my account.second time i want to check then not login id & ipin .

i can't access my netbanking in hdfc bank.i found my customer id & ipin.plz tell me or send me.first time access then check my account.second time i want to check then not login id & ipin . customer id :34877198 account no:02391131000229

hi...i am vivek . i want change my mobile no. of sms alert about a/ old number ---9271541466 new number want to act----8655383910 & a/c

Sir This is Anirban an account holder in your Kakurgachi branch I have a request how could I change my mobile alert nos & I need to change it immediately can you suggest a way becoz my mobile nos had been change & it is not possible for me to go there & give application for change of nos I stay far away from Kakurgachi.

I have lost my IPIN and am now in Australia so no longer have my phone registered with you. I cannot login to internet banking and have tried calling so many phone numbers. Nobody can help me! Please tell me what I can do??? I want to register my phone from Australia. I have emailed but just received a general reply that did not help me at all. PLEASE HELP!!!!

This is very strange. A couple of days back I needed to make a payment and, as always, opened my HDFC netbanking app to do so online thru netbanking. But surprisingly enough, despite entering the correct password, the system kept calling it an "incorrect password". Since I was 100% sure of the password,I kept trying again & again, till my account got blocked for 24 hours, as is the norm in case of 5 wrong entries. Later - after more than 24 hrs I tried to log in again and it again called it an " incorrect password. So I decided to call cust care to sort the prob. When I called, there were no humans on the other end, instead, there were a string of IVRs asking me not only to provide my cust ID, but also my dedit card details. Now, due to some prob in the form-filling procedure at the time of opening the account, I never received any debit card from the bank for this account. But, in order to regenerate an IPIN or TIN, the possession of a Debit Card seems mandatory as the system keeps asking for it. So, what do account holders like me, who do not hold an ATM/Debit card, do in such situations?

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