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HP Gas Cylinder


  1. How to fit/intall HP Gas Cylinder
  2. Weight of the empty and filled HP Gas Cylinder
  3. Action to be taken in case of LPG leakage during night or holidays
  4. Cost of the HP gas Cylinder
  5. How to apply for new HP Gas cylinder

How to fit/intall HP Gas Cylinder

HP gas cylinder has liquid petroleum gas under high pressure and it should be installed with care. The person installing HP gas cylinder should put the regulator properly in the cylinder valve.

Things to remember HP gas cylinder installation

  • The self-closing valve of the cylinder.
  • A pressure regulator which is to be connected to the outlet of the valve.
  • A gas stove or the range of cooking appliances.
  • A rubber tube which will attach the regulator and the appliance.

The positioning of the HP gas cylinder should be made in a proper way.

Placement of the Gas cylinder should be in the following way

  • The cylinder should be placed vertically and the valve should be kept in upwards direction.
  • The cylinder should be kept away from any kind of naked flame.
  • The cylinder should be placed above ground level and the place should be placed with enough ventilation.
  • The position where the HP gas cylinder is to be placed should be well ventilated.

The installation process of HP gas cylinder is:

  • At the time of installation the valve of the pressure regulator should be turned off.
  • The burner taps should be turned off and made sure that there is no smell of gas.
  • Next the valve should be opened and the regulator knob should be turned on.
  • The burner should be lighted with a match stick. It is done to test the connection.
  • The burner should be rotated in the anticlockwise direction to turn it on.
  • After the use the burner should be turned off.
  • The cylinder valve should also e turned off by turning the regulator knob.

Weight of the empty and filled HP Gas Cylinder

  • You can find the weight of the empty cylinder also referred to as tare weight stenciled on shroud of it. Here the shroud is the blue band on the in case of HP cylinder.
  • The weight of filled HP gas cylinder is 14.2 kg. Hence the total weight of the filled HP Gas cylinder is tare weight plus 14.2kg.
  • It is always advisable to cross check the weight of the cylinder before receiving the delivery of the cylinder.
  • You can anytime refuse to accept the sealed cylinder.
  • The action will be taken against the culprit who tries to fool consumers.
  • As an emergency action you can call to the nearest branch and file your complain. log on to HP LPG GAS Cylinder Complaint Online
  • Track your HP gas cylinder complaints : HP Gas Complaint Track

Action to be taken in case of LPG leakage during night or holidays

  • If you face gas leakage beyond working time or on holidays, you must contact the emergency sercive cell operating immediately.
  • Phone numbers of the emergency service cell operating team is written on the refill cash memos.

For more information on the emergency call numbers, nearest distributor address etc you can visit HP Customer Care

Cost of the HP gas Cylinder

Cost of the single cylinder weighing 14.2kg cost Rs.500. The cost varies according to rural and urban area.

How to apply for new HP Gas cylinder

Read HP Gas BookingNew HP Gas Connection and Online Booking of HP Gas

  • In order to buy the new gas cylinder, you should give a request letter to the dealer.
  • The issue of the new cylinder would take around 7 to 10 working days.
  • For more information visit: HP customer care



the people who deliver the domestic cylinder charge extra over the bill amount and also deliver it late. If denied the argue.

Since more than a year i am getting under weight domestic gas cylinder. Made complaint to agency. It is of no use. Please help me .

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