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Hamari Devrani


Introduction :[edit]

Hamari Devrani is a family drama about the Nanavati Parivaar, based in Ahmedabad. It strongly establishes the sweet yet, at times, sour relationship between the five elder bahu’s of the family and their youngest devrani. This is the story which unveils the various facets of relationships in a family. The show highlights the criticalities of various relations within the family like devrani-jethani, relations with in-laws and above all the relation between husband and wife.

The show is an emotional saga of the protagonist Bhakti , who is a simple and small town girl. Bhakti’s faith and devotion in life is her biggest strength in life. She is brought up by Kashi Ben - her grandmother. Her grandmother is her life and she believes that Bal Gopal to be her friend & family. Bhakti is a simple yet very strong character who never gives up before adversities that she faces in life. Her faith and love always shows her the right path to success.

Looked upon as an unlucky girl, Bhakti is a complete loner. Circumstances bring her to Ahmedabad where she gets married to a family that consists of six brothers. Only to realize that the road she has chosen and the family she has chosen as her marital home, both have something else in store for her. Time and again she falls back on her faith in Bal Gopal for right guidance. This show is indeed a mixture of the various flavors of life.

==Produced by :== Shobhana Desai Pvt. Ltd

==Directed by :== Anwesha Datta Gupta

Cast :[edit]

Samir Rajda Urvashi Upadhya Kaushal Shah Kalyani Thakkar Ajay Parekh Bhumi Shukla Mihir Rajda Manish Purohit Manas Shah Neelam Panchal Zankhanaben Madhav Krishna Gokani Girish Solanki Aarti Malkan

Timings :[edit]

Program will be telecasted at 1.30 – 2.00PM

Program will be re-telecasted at 6.30 – 7.00 PM

When :[edit]

On Monday to Friday

Which TV :[edit]

Star Plus

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