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Hathway Broadband Plans

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The worst part is rank lousy customer care srvoice. After dialing the assigned telephone number all you get is engaged tone most of the time. And if connected a guide to various steps to reach the person and then you have to bear up with being in queue for atleast twenty minutes when you hear a reluctant and haughtty "hello may I help you" / and then the gentleman assisiting you expects you to follow his on line instructions which is greek to many some where the connection snaps and you have to try all over again.Its absolutely an experience which leaves to frustrated and exhausted..I am unffortunate user of Hathway and am looking for an earlier exit the moment my quota expires..Did I tell you that when you feed your account number after initial greetings tha number repeated by the operator is is absolutely different than what you have put in..Its sad but the service is horrid..just horrid...