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Hdfc Ergo Accident Protection Plan- Hospital Cash

HDFC ERGO has come up with Accident Protection Plan that is meant to offer comprehensive accidental insurance. The insurance service is offered to the insured round the clock throughout the year and also to the entire world. This very insurance cover is considered to an investment for the future of a family rather then an ordinary insurance claim.

Some of the important features of the HDFC ERGO Accident Protection Plan are as follows:

  • People in the age group of eighteen to sixty-nine years are eligible to opt for this insurance.
  • This is such insurance amount that enables a person to make insurance policies of up to Rs. 7500, 000/-.
  • This policy offers the option of family cover in which all the members of a family would be covered under a single insurance policy. This is one such policy that provides nearly half the insurance cover for accidental death or disability to the spouse and ten percent of it is given to the children.
  • The payment is normally done by chaque or credit card.

Like all other insurance policies of HDFC ERGO, this policy too has some limitations or exclusions under which an insured is unable to claim the sum assured. These exclusions are as follows:

  • This policy is not applicable to the persons that are serving the armed forces such as the army, navy and the air forces.
  • Professional sportsmen are also not entitled to have this insurance policy.
  • People who are engaged in hazardous or dangerous sports such as bungee jumping, Para-gliding and jet-skiing are not allowed to have this policy.
  • People serving as an airlines pilot or in the merchant navy are also denied to have this policy.


The mailer is HDFC Bank Credit Card Holder. The Bank functionary is trying to sell to me Accident Insurance Policy of your Company for me and my wife with 20 lakhs and 10 lakhs protection plan from accident/s. I agreed in principle. I ascertained from the tele-caller from HDFC Ergo whether the terms of the Policy are available on HDFC Ergo site, to which he replied in NEGATIVE. Subsequently, the Bank functionary came on line categorically said that it will available on your site. Please clarify. Thanks.

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