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Hdfc Ergo Home Insurance

HDFC ERGO home insurance policy has been designed in a way to safeguard or to offer insurance cover to the homes of the insured. This also includes the security to the valuable objects that are in the home such as cash, jewelry, precious antiques, etc.

The policy offers insurance cover to the precious contents in a household. Apart from this it also offers low cost cover against burglary. This is one such policy that allows the home owner to avail premium discounts of up to fifteen percent so that can install the latest security device on to their homes.

The most possible danger that an owner of a household often faces are burglary, fire and other perils such as storms, lightning, landslide, etc. Insurance cover can also be availed on the structure of a household. In this case, the amount insured depends mainly on the Reinstatement Value, which is basically cost of reconstruction.

This value is calculated based in the actual cost of construction, which is further based on two factors. The first one is the Built up Area of the House and the second one is the Cost of Construction in the locality where the insured is residing. So these are the factors that are considered in evaluating the right amount of insurance cover for one’s household.

Burglary or housebreaking is one another factor that is also taken into consideration while evaluating the assured sum. HDFC ERGO home insurance also allows the home owners to secure the precious contents of their homes against loss due to burglary or housebreaking. The value of the contents is based on the market valuation. The things that can be insured with this policy are Jewelry, Electronic Equipments, Furniture & Furnishings, etc.