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Hdfc Ergo Neon Sign Policy

Neon Sign Policy is a general insurance policy from HDFC ERGO that has been designed to offer insurance cover to the neon sign hoardings. This policy is mainly aimed for the people who are engaged in the advertising business.

Neon Sign Advertisements are well known form of advertising and therefore it occupies a very important place. These signs are located in crowded public places so as to get the attention of the people. As a result of this the neon signs are very much vulnerable to loss or damage. The neon signs are also an important fixed asset of the advertising agencies and the assets needs to be covered with a reliable insurance policy.

The scope of insurance cover has been classified in two sections. The first one is cover the losses regarding the damage to a neon sign by means of any external accident, vicious act or damage caused by fire or explosion. The second section deals with the losses that are incurred due to legal liability.

Like all other insurance policies of HDFC ERGO general insurance this one too has some limitations or exclusions under which the insured cannot claim the insured money. Some of the exclusions are loss arising out of any contractual liability, consequential loss of any type, losses from war or any allied services, loss from riot and strike, etc.