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About Headlines Today

Headlines Today is a 24 hour English language, Indian News Channel. Headlines Today is a part of India Today Group sponsored by TV Today Network. Headlines Today is the sister channel of Hindi Aaj Tak news channel. It had its inception in the year 2003. It is one of the four niche news channel from the TV Today Network. The channel is the first of its kind in English news segment with the tagline “Sharp news for sharp People”. Some of its eminent prime time anchors are Mr. Chetan Sharma, Ms. Avantika Singh, Ms. Radhika Bajaj and Mr.Zakka Jacob. The channel is fast climbing the popularity charts. “Wheel Spin”, “EQ”, “The Last World” are some extra news programs of Headlines Today.

Headlines Today is a news channel that gets straight to the point and has been created to match the speed and lifestyle of the big city. Headlines Today has a channel share of 28 per cent amongst the English news channels in 6 metros and with the likes of CNN, BBC and CNBC trailing behind. The channel stories are slick, short with young and direct anchors. The channel has split screens with multiple stickers and has a busy look. The channel has created an interesting rate card, that would ensure high-cost efficiency to the advertisers. The aim of Headlines Today is to capture 30 to 40 percent of English News Market.

The distribution team is working hard to make the channel available across length and breadth of the country. The channel is already available in most metros and southern states. Headlines Today during its early days advertised across all major publications, as well as on the sibling Aaj Tak. During the channel launch, they ran an SMS contest which generated 1.3 Million responses in four days.

Headlines Today Programs

• Wheel Spin • EQ • The last world • Head Start • The Big Ticket • Grand Stand • Sports Quarter

Head Start – Early morning 7’O Clock the channel starts with this Program Head Start. It which provides an update on politics, business and sports, hourly live updates of the stock market on "Sensex Today," and much more. The program is about giving fresh news and information with an interesting discussion among three of the newsreaders of this channel.

News Anchors of Headlines Today

  • Avantika Singh



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i like the anchor Mandy of grand stand but i cudnt find any info abt her in any sites .. plz let me know the site wher i cud find some info abt her ... if i cud get her E mail id i wud be happy thanks Rahul

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I take the liberty to point out the following : You show news at the bottom of the TV screen for our reading, and the same item is repeated I take the liberty to point out the following : You show news/breaking news at the bottom of the TV screen for our READING, and the same item is repeated intermittently. However, the news is flashed and replaced with another one so fast that even a highly educated person like me can hardly cope up with the speed. And I do indeed miss quite a lot - to my great FRUSTRATION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In other words, before one can complete reading a news item, it vanishes only to be replaced by another. This new news item also meets the eyes at a lightning fast speed. As you are going to repeat it over and over again, I don't understand why it is removed so fast. Let it remain for a few more moments so that an average Indian viewer (like me and many others) can read and grasp the message that you intend to pass on to us. As it is, we Indians are slow at reading, speaking and understanding the English language - it being a foreign language. I would suggest you retain each news at the bottom of the screen for a little longer before it is flashed out of sight!! ============================================================ I do earnestly hope my suggestion will be examined and implemented. ============================================================ With best wishes for your news channel AND YOUR BRAVE NEWS PERSONS and the team. Best wishes and regards.