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Healthcare + Of Tata Aig General Insurance

Tata AIG General Insurance offers a special package to relieve one of tensions caused due to unforeseen accidents or illnesses. No matter how much one may try they cannot stop illnesses or accidents from occurring therefore the best thing to do is be prepared for these things. That is precisely what Healthcare + does for its clients.

This policy offers aid in all areas of hospitalization. It can be claimed in case of illnesses or accidents. It covers hospital charges even if the hospitalization is prolonged due to certain circumstances. It provides cash benefits for the medicines, surgeries, tests or any other requirements of the patient. It also covers the food charges of the patient and the traveling expenses of the close family members to and from the hospital.

The additional benefits offered to the client include a choice of what kind of insurance one requires so that the client gets the optimum gain from his policy. There is a guarantee on the claims and these are provided after a period of ninety days and are tax free. If one renews their policy after it lapses one gets a 5% increase in the benefit claims he would have got earlier.

The policy can be taken by anyone between the age of 18-59 years and renewal can only be done up to 54 years of age. It does not include illnesses that occurred before the policy was purchased and does not cover suicides, military injuries, drug illnesses, illegal activities or dangerous sports.

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