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Home & Family Protector Policy Of Iffco Tokio General Insurance

Building a home for your family is one of the greatest joys for any person. Each individual tries to provide the best of everything for their family as they feel they deserve it. However, doing this is not a very simple task. It requires a lot of planning, time and money because of which it becomes very precious and so it should be protected from any possible dangers. One cannot stop any dangers from coming but they sure can protect the home and family from these by investing in the Home & Family Protector policy of IFFCO TOKIO General Insurance.

This policy covers almost any kind of danger that is likely to affect ones family life. It gives protection against fires; burglary; loss of valuables; damages to doors or windows; damages to electronic equipment; unforeseen accidents; and many more dangers. The policy also covers the extra living costs incurred in case of fires, electric failures, or other risks.

IFFCO TOKIO offers its clients various benefits which they may opt for at their discretion. There are 12 sections of insurance covers of which at least 5 should be chosen for the policy to be effective. However if the client opts for 6 or more sections he is entitled to a special discount from IFFCO TOKIO. The Home & Family Protector policy does not cover damages caused by war operations, contamination, legal matters, etc. and there are other exclusions which are particular to the different sections covered in the policy.

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