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Home Remedy, Precaution, Treatment and Cure for Sore Eyes and Cataract

Home Remedy, Precaution, Treatment and Cure for Eyes Sore and Cataract

  • Here is the important tip to make the prevention of the Eyes Sore. First take a large lemon (bijora or galgal), make a hole into it and put a piece of turmeric in this cavity. In just two weeks’ time the lemon would be derived up and the turmeric piece would have sucked its juice.
  • Now dry the turmeric in shade and grind it finely so that it may be strained through a fine cloth. Turn up the eyelids having this sore and rub lightly this powder.
  • By doing this tip all the infections which are occurred will be definitely cured.
  • In just two days, all the eye sores will be cured and your eyes will become normal.


  • The important functionality of the eyes is to see the whole world but if the eyes are infected with the Cataract formation in the eye will ultimately results in the sight failing.
  • So this make the people to see the places as if they are seeing through a glass so it cause a dangerous affect to the eyes and probably people can lose their eye sight with in no time so people should take much importance to their eyes.
  • The cataract continues to get matured and the sight continues to fall. When it is fully mature, it is removed by surgical operation.
  • Precautionary steps to be taken to cure the Cataract take 10gms of the juice of onions, good quality of honey 10gms, and Bhimsenicamphor (Kapoor) 2gms.
  • Make a homogeneous mixture of the three and preserve them in a bottle.
  • Every night before you go to sleep, apply it in your eyes by a eye liner. Its regular use prevents the cataract formation.