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How To Apply For Duplicate Log Book

Steps to get a duplicate Log book for your automobile

A duplicate of the log book will be issued if you your original has been misplaced or stolen or destroyed or it was simply not delivered to you when you bought your car. To get a duplicate of the Log book you need to do certain things. They are:

a) Go to the post office and obtain V62 vehicles registration form. You can also download the same from the net but you need to have the software Acrobat Reader for it. b) You can also get V62 vehicles registration form through DVLA but it takes some time to be delivered. You can telephone them at 0870 240 0010. c) The person keeping the vehicle must fill the form completely furnishing all the necessary data. d) You need to pay for the new form. If the previous person failed to inform the DVLA of any changes or if the vehicle has been classified as ‘Cat C’ or they have damaged your registration certificate then you enjoy an exemption of fee. e) Try to go personally to the nearest DVLA office as this will help in the job being done quickly. f) As a rule it takes 2 to 4 weeks to receive the registration certificate. g) If the V5C is not registered by your name and the DVLA has not been notified then the procedure will take 3 to 6 weeks as they will update the previous records. If you have been recorded as the owner then it takes one week.

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