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How To Apply For Duplicate Medicare Card

A Medicare card which you hold is a very important document as it has your Medicare number which is required when you put in a claim to Medicare. Loss of this card can create a whole lot of issues especially if you are in need of the card or in need to file a claim.

If you loose the Medicare card you can get a duplicate Medicare card made. All you need to do is call the Medicare helpdesk number and request for a new Medicare card or visit the closest Medicare office and put in a request or post a request to the Medicare Company requesting them for an issue of a duplicate Medicare card. You can also get online and apply for a duplicate card there. However the online service will only apply if your address is not kept up to date with Medicare. If your address is up to date with Medicare then you can go ahead and apply for a duplicate card online. The card will reach the address you had provided online within a few days. If you have changed your address you would need to visit the Medicare office with the proof of identity and may have to provide residential proof in some cases.

Calling a customer care executive is also an easier option as it would enable you to talk in person to the representative. They would take down the necessary details and would send you a duplicate card to your address which would be provided by you.