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How To Apply For Duplicate Voter ID

'''The process of application for duplicate voter ID'''

The Election Commission issues Voter ID Card for identification to all eligible voters for voter identification on the day of voting.

To apply for passport, credit card or pan card, to use as identification the Voter ID Card comes in handy in India.

By filling in the Form 001, the individual gets registered to get a Voter ID Card. And by filling in Form 006 the individual’s name will start appearing in the lists of voters. The filling of Form 006 can be done simultaneously when filling in Form 001.

By filling in Form 002, the individual applies for a duplicate Voters ID Cards in case he has lost it. But before filling in the form, the individual must first file an FIR in the local police station. After filing an FIR the individual needs to take a copy of the FIR. Along with the form 002 the copy of the FIR must be attached.

One needs to submit Rs. 25 to the local Electoral Registration Office as penalty.

On the day of vote the individual needs to carry the Voter ID Card for identification that has been issued to him.

Other than the FIR copy of the missing voter ID card there are other documents that need to be carried like the passport, ration card, driving license, pan card etc.

If one loses the voter ID Card one must make sure to get a duplicate.