How to Apply for Summer Internships in India

For Engineering Students, most of them do part time internship during third and fourth year of their Graduation (Under Graduate).

How to Find Part-time-Internships and Summer Internship in India

  1. The Suggested way is to look for your seniors and get a internship in their Companies. Send them emails or scrap them on Orkut or call them.
  2. Talk to your Placement Cell officer and get some contacts from him
  3. Talk to the seniors who had done internship previous year and find how they got it.
  4. Contact local software development companies as the chances of getting a part time internship are much higher in smaller local companies then in bigger companies.
  5. If some of your friends have got Internship, ask them to refer you as well for part time internship.
  6. Contact your college alumni who are working in various companies and ask them if there is any possibility of summer part time internship in their company.
  7. There are various websites in India where many summer Internships are listed, you can browse them to find potential leads.
  8. You can also search on facebook and orkut to find potential opportunity of finding a part time internship opportunity.

Things which won't work to get you Part Time Summer Internship

  1. Sending emails normally don't work since they get unnoticed.
  2. Calling HR's of companies won't work too. No one like unsolicited calls.

How to Apply for Summer Part Time Internship in India

Internships in India do not require lot of formal documents unlike in western countries and most often a semi-formal letter is given to the candidate, and if money is not required, that too is sometime not given.


> How to Apply for Summer Internships in India
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