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How Ayurveda acts on Human Body

'''How Ayurveda acts on Human Body'''

* Meditation keeps the mind in tranquility and hence, most of the psychic disorders, insanity, epilepsy and insomnia will not occur. The food that we take will give a sense of satisfaction to the brain through the nervous system.

* The quantum of our body remains active though intelligence may be be in the cells level depending on the changes that take place in tissues, muscles, nerves, arteries and in the brain cells.

* Ayurveda pleads that the nature of our body is so minute that it can be pierced by the intelligence of the systems. Quantum changes can create changes in the physical body.

* To quote an example, if an insect bites a person will not be affected, because he has not enough resistance to allergic reactions. Physics says that molecules control the higher centres.

* The same thing holds good in our body. Skin becomes new in one month and eight days. The bone will become new in ninety days. The chemicals in the body, carbondioxide, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen will be new in few weeks.

* The fat in body is changed every three weeks and mucous membrane of the stomach every 4-5 weeks. The bone structures are replaced one in 2-3 months.

* So, Ayurveda can put up a better health care from the level of the quantum and it acts perfect natural system of medicine for the entire world.

* WHO has also recognized this system of medicine for securing perfect health.

* Ayurveda preaches and practices that perfect health is secured through a balanced diet. The body are not very different from nature.

* The body will balance itself with little efforts from our side. The imbalance of the body is disease.

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