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How to Balance Kapha

How To Balance Kapha

  • Less sweets
  • Warm clothes
  • Warm foods
  • Warm drinks
  • Warm Climate
  • Activities
  • Regular exercise controls your weight
  • Regular walking for 2 to 4 kilometres per day
  • Kapha dosha needs activity, exercise, walk or tour seeing different people and a variety of places.
  • Otherwise, he will get more sleep and be idle and lethargic. People with kapha will have indigestion and less appetite. It may lead on to ‘AMA’ (undigested toxic material).
  • In order to avoid this, one must engage in work and exercise. Obesity, cold, running nose, allergies and blocked nose are also due to it.
  • Everything must be warm. Food, clothes, and drinks all these things bring kapha to balance, as it is cold dosha in nature.
  • Honey is the best for kapha. Ayurveda has advocated it, although it is sweet. Dry heat is good for nasal congestion or for lungs congestion.
  • Avoid dampness, cold water, as kapha by itself is cold. Udvartana, a dry massage is good for the body.
  • The food must be light and easily digested. Kalpha type of people will get diseased very frequently and get imbalanced soon.
  • Avoid taking kapha promoting foods in cold season and winter or else sinusitis will be blown upto the maximum.
  • Ayurvedic texts recommend the rule of antonyms for concentrating the level of a dosha that has got aggravated.
  • Since the characteristics of Kapha include thickness, softness, sugariness, strong, constancy and oiliness, characters that are opposite to these in dieting and lifestyle help reestablish equilibrium to Kapha dosha.

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