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How To Claim Due To Death Of Cattle (IRDP) From Oriental Insurance?

In the event of death (as specified in the provisions of the insurance policy) of any of the cattle (IRDP) one can always take necessary steps for making insurance claim from Oriental Insurance. The procedure for making claim is quite east and simple. All one need to do is to visit the insurance company and furnish certain necessary documents for the purpose.

'''Important documents required '''

'''The several important documents that one needs to furnish while making claim from Oriental insurance are outlined below for the convenience of our readers:'''

* A copy of Claim Notification provided to the insurance Company along with a Xerox copy of policy and premium receipt

* An authentic Death Certificate of the animal.

* Ear Tag.

* An authentic Post Mortem report of the animal stating the details of the cause of death.

* An authentic Certificate that is provided by any two of the following: -

a. The Sarpanch of the village where the insurance was taken.

b. The President or any of its authorized officers of the co-operative credit society.

c. Official of the milk collection centre.

d. Supervisor or the Officer or the Inspector of any Banking or Credit institution
(except the financial bank).

e. Head Master of primary school.

f. Village accountant or Village revenue officer.

g. DRDA or any of its authorized nominees.

'''For avoiding problems '''

While making claim one needs to always keep in mind that the details in the above mentioned documents needs to be correct, clear and up-to-dated. This will save you from various problems and other complications.