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How To Claim For Temporary Total Disability (Weekly Compensation) Due To Accident From Oriental Insurance?

As per the provision of the Oriental Insurance ‘Temporary Total Disability’ (TTD) refers to a situation where the insured person sustain Temporary Total Disability as a result of any accident that is solely caused by any external, visible and violent means.

'''Compensation available'''

When the insured person suffers any Temporary Total Disability (TTD) as a result of an accident then the concerned person will be entitled for compensation to a maximum of 1% of the sum insured per week for a maximum period of 104 weeks. Further, such weekly compensation will in no case be more than Rs.5, 000/- per week.

'''Important documents'''

'''For making insurance claim from the Oriental Insurance one has to submit certain necessary documents to the company. The important documents that are needed to be submitted during the insurance claim process are mentioned as followed: '''

* A proper duly filled Claim.
* An authentic Medical report.
* A copy of Claim Notification that was provided to the insurance company along with Xerox copies of policy & premium receipt.
* First Information Report or Police Panchnama or Final Investigation Report.
* Complete details of the medical expenses.
* An authentic Leave certificate from employer (if required at all).

'''Correct details'''

The sole purpose of submitting all the above mentioned documents is for the authentication and verification purpose. So as such, it is always advisable for you to make sure that all the details in the above mentioned documents are up-to-dated, correct and clear. This will save you from several hassels and complication while making your claim.


People do not always file Police complain when an accident occurs. At times it is not required in the first place. So in that case where do one get First Information Report or Police Panchnama or Final Investigation Report from?

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