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How To File Complaints Against The Railways?

Sometimes the passengers of the railways of the country may find some difficulties while travelling, or may find the railway executives not behaving properly. At that time they can complaint against the railways at the International Consumer Rights Protection.

'''To file complaints against the Railways, the steps to be followed are given below:'''

* The complaint should be made in a written way in the complaint book. The complaint book is available at the town booking offices, parcel offices, goods sheds, reservation offices, refreshment rooms, pantry cars, station master’s office and with the guard of the train.

* If there is any serious problem and the passenger or the traveler requires on spot action then he or she can contact the Public Grievance Redressal Booths located at the major stations.

* The passenger can also approach the Additional General Manager of the particular zone who is the director of the Public Grievances.

* If there is any case of bribery or corruption then the passenger should contact the Senior Deputy General Manager who is the Chief Vigilance Officer of the particular railway.

* If the passenger has any complaint regarding deficient of services then the passenger can send the complaint along with the ticket number, PNR number, train number name and date of arrival of the train to the below mentioned address:

'''Complaint against Central Railway:'''

* The Additional Divisional Railway Manager
* Public Grievance Cell
* New Delhi Division (Northern Railway)
* New Delhi Railway Station
* New Delhi

'''Complaint against Western Railway:'''

* The Additional General Manager
* Director of Public Grievances
* Western Railway
* Churchgate, Mumbai