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How To Find Trains Between 2 Places, And Availability

This is a very common question that many people ask themselves before buying tickets for travelling to certain other new place from their home town. Previously, they had to visit the travel agents or certain other information cell in the station to get the required information. But now, with the advent in the internet, the passengers can easily get the answer to this question quite easily.

'''Online site '''

Indian Railways has its own official website (, which provides necessary information in this regard. Now there is no need to run to different people or places for obtaining the required information. You can get the answer from your home itself with just a simple click of the mouse.

'''Steps to use '''

When you visit this site, you need to enter the names of the Source Station (from where your train will depart) and the Destination Station (where you will end your train journey). After that you have to select the All Class option under the Class category. Then click on the ‘Get It’ option.

After you are through with the above steps enter the name of the day on which you are thinking of travelling. After that you need to enter your Journey date and you have to select the required quota from under the Quota Category. Then select the class you prefer to travel. When you have selected the required class, click on the ‘Get Availability’. Immediately the list of the related trains will be displayed to you.

Note: If you want to view different dates for a same train, then in that case do not select any particular date. The site will automatically display the list of the availability of the selected train for the next 6 times it runs.

In case, if there is no direct train to your destination Station, then in that case you can visit the other official web site which is This is quite an effective website which gives you the details of all the possible indirect trains that can assist you to reach the destination Station from your Source Station.

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