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How to Promote Satva in Human Beings

==How to Promote Satva in Human Beings==

* '''Ayurveda''' recommends some important things to promote '''satva''' quality in our body and mind.

* Eating unadulterated food, drinking pure water, inhaling pure air and getting good sleep at night and rest—all these are necessary to keep the mind in tranquility.

* At the same time, one has to visit beautiful gardens, lakes, streams, rivers, hills and mountains, trees, sound of birds and animals.

* These are all part of nature, which make one’s senses pleased and purify them.

* Ayurveda is the '''upaveda of Atharvana veda'''. For promoting '''satva''' qualities in man, they have recommended certain factors:

* Be generous to others—treat each one of them alike with dignity and respect.

* Be pleasant and good to others.

* Avoid anger and criticism.

* Move with good people.

* Spend your days in good company, for playing and relaxation and for spending time.

* Eat three-fourths of your hunger or capacity.

* Awake early in the morning in '''brahma muhurtha (4:30-6:00 a.m.)''', walk in good climate for at least 2-3 kilometers.

* It helps you to get good oxygen and ozone to body and also is a good exercise.

* Try to follow the rules of balance in talk, speech, sleep, and food.

* Try to be tolerant to others.

* Try to love animals.

* Treat everybody with love and affection.

* Try to love nature.

* For an intelligent person, everything is good in this world and for a fool, everything is bad an useless.

* Eat ''natural foods, vegetables, milk, rice, ragi, ghee and wheat,'' a list of '''satvic food''' is given in this book.

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