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How to Register Complaint online?

How to Register Complaint online?

Compliant Registration is the process of making complaints about the goods and services used by the consumers. Registering a compliant online can be done easily in a very few simple steps. Here is an example to explain the procedure.
When you need to register compliant online about the problems that you face in getting the metro water supply, then you need to view the following website URL.

To register compliant online open the above URL, just select the link online compliant registration. A compliant registration form appears before, in which you will be required to furnish with all of the following details such as your name, address, area number, depot number, your CMC number, nature of the compliant, email id, telephone number, mode of receiving the feedback on the complaint made etc. just click on the submit button after giving all the required details. This will navigate you to a page which contains a complaint number which is to be used by you for any future reference on the compliant made.

In case if you need to register complaint online against the executive council of therapies, then you have to go thro’ the following steps. At first, fill in all the details online present in the investigation referral form. Either mail or fax the completed form to the council. You will be required to fill in the details such as your name, address, contact number, type of compliant that is whether compliant is on occupational therapy or physical therapy and brief details on the complaint ,your email id etc. in order to be registered, you need to enter a unique code that appears.

You can register complaint online regarding the workplace. This can be done either in person or through post. Both the postal and online versions of the compliant registration is similar. It would take only about 20 minutes to for completion of the form and for registering the workplace complaints.