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How to change name in Land Registration Documents

Land Registration Documents are basically those legal documents which contain your various details, registration prove and other legal factors that are associated with land that you have purchased. These documents generally lie in the office of the land Register. Whenever you change your name or change your address it is very important that you also update the same in the Land Registration Documents. This will save you from several legal hassels and other land disputes.

Ways for changing name

In case if you have changed your name or changed your address and you want to update the same in the Land Registration Documents; then the first thing that you will have to do is to visit the land registry office and furnish certain proves regarding your new name or new address. The license department will conduct an enquiry regarding the proposed changes in detail. This verification is done to prevent the occurrence of any fraudulent activates. After the verification is completed the necessary changes will be updated in the documents. As soon as the changes have been updated in the document, Land Registry will immediately send a letter to your both addresses and intimate you about the change in the details on the Land Registry records.

For a more safety reason it is always advisable for you to register two contact details with the Land Registry at the time of registering your land. This is due to the fact that if any point of time someone tries to change any details on the deeds, Land Registry will automatically send a letter to your both contact addresses, the property address and the new contact address, intimating you about the changes in your details in the Land Registration Documents.