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How to change name in voter card?

There can be two reasons due to which the person might want to '''change his/her name on the voter card.'''

1. In case of marriage
2. In case of name change

'''Process of name change
To change name the individual needs to submit a filled '''Form 8A'''.

'''The individual will need to fill the following information in Form 8A.
The information to be filled in are:

'''FORM 8'''
'''[See rules 13(3) and 26]
Application for correction to particulars entered in electoral roll needs to be written to
The Electoral Registration Officer,
................................…………...Assembly/Parliamentary£ Constituency.

Requesting that entry relating to myself appearing in the electoral roll for the above Constituency is not correct and it should be corrected.

Correct particulars in support of request are given below:-

'''I. Applicant's Name Surname (if any)'''

Part number of electoral roll : Serial number in that part :

Age as on 1st January …………..….….# Years : Months : Sex (male/female) :

Date of birth, if known : Day : Month : Year :

*Father's Name Surname (if any)

Mother's Name


'''II. Particulars of place of ordinary residence (Full address):'''

House / Door number :

Street/Area/Locality/Mohalla/Road :

Town / Village :

Post Office : Pin Code :

Tehsil/Taluka/Mandal/Thana :

District :

'''III. Details of Electors' Photo Identity Card (if issued, in this or some other Constituency)
Electors' Photo Identity Card number :

Name of the Constituency :

IV. Details of entries to be corrected

*My name / *Age / *Father's/Mother's/Husband's name / *Sex / *Address / *Electors'

Photo Identity Card Number may be
corrected in terms of information provided in this Form above.

Place :

Date : Signature or thumb impression of the elector

'''Note — Any person who makes a statement or declaration which is false and which he either knows or believes to be false or
does not believe to be true, is punishable under section 31 of the Representation of the People Act, 1950 (43 of 1950).

In case of Union territories having no Legislative Assembly and the State of Jammu and Kashmir.

# Please give the year i.e. 2003, 2004, etc.

After filling it submit it to the nearest Electoral Office.

They will accept it and provide a receipt for the same.

The modification process will take up three months time.

It will change only when the next voter list is published.