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How to fix errors in trade license

A Trade License is quite essential for any trader as it gives a legal identity to their business. Without a valid trade license any trade will be deemed as illegal. So obtaining a valid trade license is one of the most important steps that any trader needs to do before starting his/her trade.

Rectifying errors in trade license

As soon as you obtain a trade license you must carefully check that all the details that you have furnished are right or not. In other words, you must check that whether there is any error or not. If you come across any error in your trade license you will have to immediately rectify that. If you do not rectify then you may land up into various legal problems later.

Errors in your trade license can be due to the two main reasons. The first reason could be that you have supplied the wrong information during the submission of the application form for the trade license. The second reason for the error could be due to the negligence on the part of the authorities of KMC. Whatever be the reason on detection of any error, small or big, immediately send it for rectification. For this you will have to submit application in plain paper for effecting desired changes. As soon you submit the application KMC would hold an enquiry and after the verification of the details the changes would be made accordingly. After the rectification, a new trade license, with correct details, would be issue to you.

If the error was from your end then the fees for re-issue of the fresh trade license would be charged. In case, if the error was from KMC’s end then no fees would be charged from you.


i want to know the process flow of obtaining a trade license in Hyderabad. Forms required and fee structure.