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How to pay Reliance Bill Online

'''How to pay Reliance Bill Online?'''

The various options for How to pay Reliance Bill Online will be convenient and easy. It includes:

* Pay your bill through online.
* Pay automatically through standing instructions.
* Pay your bill by net banking.
* Pay your bill through Reliance Mobile World.

'''Pay your bill through online:'''

To know How to pay Reliance Bill Online you can use the R-Bill Pay service and you need to register with Now the registered users can view the bills electronically and make their payments through specified bank accounts and they can store and archive their bills.

'''Pay automatically through standing instructions:'''

You need to set up the Standing Instructions on your Bank Account or Credit Card to pay Reliance bill online. Then register for the service by filling up the Auto Pay registration form which is available in any Reliance World or Reliance Communications Outlet. After that your service will be activated within two weeks and you will receive the SMS with the date on which your service has been activated. Each month your bill will be paid automatically with the help of your bank account / credit card account.

'''Pay your bill by net banking:'''

You can pay your bills through service providers like or Even you can pay through online with the utility bill payment services of any partner bank. Now the registered users will receive an email alerts for the new Reliance online bill. They can even see bills electronically and make their payments through specified bank accounts.

'''Pay your bill through Reliance Mobile World:'''

You can even get a PIN from Reliance Mobile World and pay your bill through Visa or MasterCard or by Internet banking through your HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank or State Bank of India account.


The features to know How to pay Reliance Bill Online are,

* You can access online anytime, anywhere. You will receive your bills online and you can make payments during 24x7x365.
* You can use your existing bank accounts to make payments (specified banks only).
* You can store your bills and can maintain a record of your payments.


Paid Rs. 100/- in cash towards bill for my wirwless landline # 20-32532899, (a/c No. 2284980028) on 21st Jan.'2010 at Reliance World at Karve road, Pune, shop name:"Akshta". Not yet recd confirmation of payment by SMS. Tried to view bill payment account on web, but could not. furgot loging name & Password. Tried to register for new ID, but it is accepting such requests for Mobile nos and not land line number.

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