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How to pay SBI Credit Card Bills online

How to pay SBI Credit Card Bills online?

The various payment options are used in order to know how to pay SBI credit card bills online. They are:

  • Pay cash,
  • Pay net,
  • SBI online,
  • SBI ATMs,
  • VMT,
  • Drop Boxes,
  • ECS,
  • Electronic Drop Box.

PAY CASH: All the customers can make use of any easy bill outlets and they can pay their SBI Card Dues by mentioning their card number, amount and the contact number. After payment the electronic receipt will be given to the customer. The benefits of pay cash are:

  • The payment provides convenient to users.
  • They will provide instant Electronic Receipt.
  • It will be opened 7 days a week.

To know how to pay SBI credit card bills online use SBI e-PAY (Bill Payment) to pay your SBI Credit Card online directly from your SBI Account. This makes your SBI card payment much easier. You can make your SBI Card payment over 6,000 SBI ATMs by using your State Bank ATM Debit Card.

You can also make use of VISA Money Transfer (VMT) to transfer funds in order to pay the monthly outstanding bill. It suits only for the VISA cards holder.

Another option is you can drop your Cheque / Draft at SBI drop boxes.

  • You should submit cheque / Draft with your 16 digit SBI Credit Card number.
  • Outstation cheques are not accepted.

You can also make your payment directly using debit card with an account (Savings/ Current) that you have with any Bank. To use this facility just fill in the ECS form. In order to know how to pay SBI credit card bills online you should get awareness about the Bill Junction.

Pay Net is an online bill payment facility for SBI cards. After entering your SBI Credit Card and payment details you will be directed to your bank's net banking option. Here you can authenticate your login and you can reconfirm the details and also the amount you debited to your account through online. A transaction confirmation and reference number is provided and an e-mail acknowledging the transaction is sent to you on the mail id provided.


use the below link to pay through any Net Banking / Debit Cards

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