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Human Body’s Main Switching Centre as per Ayurveda

Human Body’s Main Switching Centre as per Ayurveda[edit]

  • The dissimilarities between two persons are mainly du to three important principles called doshas. These doshas are important as they link the mind and body.
  • The doshas when aggravated or imbalanced will disconnect the connection between mind and body. Three dosha are called Vata, Pitta and Kapha and they regulate several thousands different functions in the mind and body.

Vata Dosha

  • A nervous phenomena which controls all the movement of the body including cells and quantum of the body.

Pitta Dosha

  • It controls the digestive fire and internal secretions of endocrine glands.

Kapha Dosha

  • Mainly controls the structure of the body including cells, tissues and their quantum of the body. Every quantum of the body must have these three doshas.
  • A person should have vata dosha which controls the respiration, heart rate, circulation of the blood and aids in digestion and sends impulses to the brain.
  • The pitta dosha is nothing but digestive fire which regulates food digestion and maintenance of water and air in the entire body.
  • The kapha dosha is necessary to hold each part of the cell or organs together like muscle, fat and bone. So finally, all three basic principles (three doshas are very necessary to make a human body).
  • When an Ayurvedic practitioner declares you belong to vata constitution, then you have more predominant constitution as vata, in addition to other two doshas in minimum level.
  • The very aim of knowing prakriti is to adjust your food, exercise, daily regimen and seasonal routine and other factors necessary for preventing diseases.
  • It is quite certain that our body is made up of three doshas, but it is said one prakriti depends upon the predominance of constitutional factors.

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