ICICI Customer Care

ICICI Bank being India's largest Private bank and second largest over all after SBI offers 24/7 Phone Banking Customer Care service where ICICI bank users can know about account details or interested people can know more about the various products ICICI Bank is offering.

How to contact ICICI Customer Care

  1. ICICI Phone Banking Customer Care Support
  2. ICICI Website (or through his online netbanking account)
  3. Contacting nearby ICICI Bank Branch

ICICI Phone Banking Customer Care Support

1800-22-4848 is the Toll free number for Indians to contact ICICI customer care service. After giving a ring to this number you will be asked to select the language option. Listen to instruction given by the recorded message and choose your language of preference.

Steps to be followed by a ICICI Customer

  • If you are an ICICI customer then choose to go for account information choice.
  • Now enter your card number followed by a star.
  • Then you supposed to enter your four digit pin number.
  • Suppose you do not know your card number, you will automatically be directed to enter your account number.
  • You will be given maximum of 3 chances to enter the right details, if you fail to enter right details you will not be allowed to continue further.
  • Only after successful registration by entering the right account number or card number with pin, you will be directed for further steps.
  • Now automatically you will get to hear a recorded message specifying you account's current balance.
  • Next you can choose the relevant options, for example you can listen to your last 5 transaction,
  • Besides there even options to know about loan information, net banking information, mobile banking etc.
  • Suppose you would like to speak to a customer care executive, you can straight away go to the main menu, and press the relevant digit to speak to the customer executive.

Steps to be followed by a NON ICICI Customer

  • Suppose you are planning to know more about ICICI bank or got plans of opening an account, chose the option of not an ICICI customer.
  • You will be redirected to speak to a customer care executive instantly.

ICICI Contact Phone Numbers of Customer Care and Phone Banking

ICICI has Phone banking and customer care numbers for all the states of India. Here is the complete list of phone numbers

• Ahmedabad: 6630 9890 • Andhra Pradesh: 98495 78000 • Assam: 9954108000 • Bangalore: 41131877 • Bhubaneshwar: 9938488000 • Bihar: 9934008000 • Chandigarh: 5055700 • Chattisgarh: 9893208000 • Chennai: 42088000 • Coimbatore: 4358000 • Cuttack: 9938488000 • Delhi: 41718000 • Delhi (Mobile): 9818178000 • Darjeeling: 9933008000 • Goa: 9890478000 • Gujarat: 9898278000 • Guwahati: 9954108000 • Haryana: 9896178000 • Himachal Pradesh: 9816608000 • Hyderabad: 23128000 • Indore: 4022005 • Jamshedpur: 9934008000 • Jharkand: 9934008000 • Karnataka : 9845578000 • Kerala : 9895478000 • Kochi: 9895478000 • Kolkata: 9831378000 • Lucknow: 9936218000 • Madhya Pradesh: 9893208000 • Maharashtra: 9890478000 • Mumbai: 28307777 • Orissa: 9938488000 • North East: 9862408000 • Patna: 9934008000 • Pune: 9890478000 • Punjab: 9815558000 • Rajasthan: 9829222292 • Ranchi: 9934008000 • Siliguri: 9933008000 • Tamil Nadu: 9894478000 • UP East: 9936218000 • UP West: 9897308000 • Uttaranchal: 9897308000 • West Bengal: 9933008000


Need to open Savings A/c I need executive Contact No

the tool free number you have mentioned is wrong! it connest to icici accounts for NRI customers

Customer Care # 040-23128000 and 9849578000 (Hyderabad).

these numbers are not valid how can i contact to your executive??? how can i know my transaction passward?? plsss reply me soon

the toll free number you have mentioned is wrong for delhi...

Can't speak to the customer care executive.. the automated menu doesn't have the option.. This bank is not helping at all since its the weekend.. Not expected such poor service at all..

my 3d secured pin is blocked and i am supose to speak to the customer care executive but the number and the automated menu just don't allow the service is so pathetic.. if we cant contact the customer executive then what is the point of having them...

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