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ICICI Demat Account Charges

ICICI bank gives its users the demat account or the online trading account to get an easy investment in the stock market and easy transactions. ICICI bank has its 24*7 customer care services which help the user get the most important basic facilities. This bank avails the details through emails and sms alerts. The instant information like billings, transactions and ISINs are provided through emails. The alerts of debit and credit are also provided through e banking.

Following are the ICICI demat account charges:

• No amount is required for opening the demat account. These are applicable as both standard charges and frequent/sub broker charges. • The ICICI demat account charge for annual service is Rs 500 and for frequent/sub brokers is Rs 1200. • An agreement is required to make in a stamp paper of Rs 100. • The ICICI demat account charges are nil for buying shares. • The selling charges applicable are – Nil for trade on

        For internet submitted instructions – 0.02% (frequent/sub broker) and 0.04% (standard charges).
        For instructions submitted through call centers – 0.02% (frequent/sub broker) and 0.04% (standard charges).
        For instructions submitted through branches – 0.02% (frequent/sub broker) and 0.04% (standard charges). 

• If rejection fails Rs 30 are the standard applicable charges and Rs 15 are the applicable charges for frequent/sub brokers. • Dematerialization charges for each request form Rs 35 and Rs 2 for each extra certificate. • Rematerialization charges are Rs 20 for every 100 securities • ICICI demat account charges are nil for the closure of the account. • Rs 10 per ISIN are applicable for instruction submitted through branches. • Additional account statements charge Rs 20 both standard rates and for frequent and sub brokers.


From lot of sites i surfed .. i saw that icici charges are quite high nearly 30 -35 % high wen compared to the others like relaince money..

ICICI brokerage charges for delivery is 0.75% & on intra-day trading is 0.15% where as Reliance Money it is 0.01 for both come.. then looking @ this i would prefer reliance money any time.

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