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ICICI Joint Bank Account

ICICI always provides the joint bank account facilities according to their customers’ need. All the basic features and facilities like single account system are available in joint account system except only the mode of operation. Following are the features of the ICICI savings account:

  • The withdrawal or deposition facilities are easily available in any branches of ICICI in anywhere of India up to Rs.50,000
  • Nomination can do very easily
  • Using debit cum ATM card it is too much easy to cash withdrawals from ATMs.
  • ICICI debit cum ATM card holder can withdraw money from ATM of any bank if and only if the customer holds the individual domestic savings account and always maintains the quarter average balance at least Rs.10,000 or more than that.
  • Internet Banking is always free of cost
  • Money Multiplier Facility is offered

The one and only one criterion to be an ICICI savings bank account holder are, the customer must be residing in India.

Required Documents:

  • Any one of the below will be considered as identity proof
  • PAN Card 
  • Employment Card
  • EX employment service card
  • Bar council card
  • Senior citizenship card
  • Cards provided by Indian Medical association
  • MAIN card
  • Driving license
  • Another bank statement and KYC cheque of that bank

Any one of the below will be considered as residential proof

  • Last electricity bill
  • Post office certified address proof

Some documents are considered as identity proof as well as residential proof also:

  • Passport
  • Authorized pension card
  • Authorized Freedom fighter’s card
  • Self-attested cheque (in case of the applicant not visit the bank himself at the time of account opening)

Everything remains the same in the case of joint account except for the following:

• Mode of operation: joint 

• All required documents in time of opening account: for both the person

• All the transactions in case of the joint account can be maintained either by both of the person or any one of them.


icicibank is good at service.........very fast service.......its best feature is internet banking........way ahead of others.

I have a joint account (cust ID 507090329) with ICICI Bank with also about a no of fixed deposits totalling about Rs 18 lacs.out of them against one FD for RS 2 lacs there is a lien for a 5-Year car loan of Rs 2 lacs taken in 2011 . THe loan is serviced regular;y. The Joint holder has died in September'14 but my grief is compounded by ICICI bank's inability--since 18/11 /14--to delete the name of the joint holder,with the lien on the Rs 2lac deposit remaining intact --in spite of submission (more than once)of every document asked for including obviously the death certificate, because of the lien on the loan of Rs 2 lacs !!! So ICICI Bank has refused to delete the name of the deceased joint holder. What does this mean-- I have never been such a comic situation ? I am taking up the matter with some of the senior-most persons of ICICI Bank HO as well as the banking ombudsman but meanwhile may I get an explanation ?

I have a saving account and I want to include the name of my major son as joint holder. He resides with me. What proof of address is to be submitted for him. Please advise.

I had 10000 when I opened my joint account with my sister 2 years ago it was dormant for the whole time could I get to know what happened to the money?

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