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ICICI Lombard Documents Required For Student Medical Insurance Claim Procedure

For the claim procedure of ICICI Lombard student medical insurance certain documents are to be submitted. As this insurance policy covers various medical and non medical unexpected incidents thus the documents required for each incidents is different. Below given are the different incidents with their respective documents.

'''For general claim process the documents required are:'''

* The claim for filled and signed properly is required.
* The copy of the policy is required.
* The air ticket jacket or the boarding pass is also required.
'''For health cover:'''
* The original copy of bills, vouchers, discharge summary and reports mentioning the name of patient, the type of illness, details of the provided medical treatment and the treatment dates are required.
* The original bills and the prescriptions of the pharmacy are to be presented which should show the prescribed medicines, the prices and receipt stamps of the pharmacy.
* Sometimes transportation may be required for the treatment purpose. The customer should attach the details of the medical statement indicating the cause of illness and the necessity for travelling.
''' For the delay of baggage:'''
* The original bills and receipts of the emergency items purchased during the period when the baggage was delayed are to be submitted.
* The property irregularity report which should state the time and date of the arrival of the baggage is to be submitted.
* A letter from the airline to the insured is to be attached stating the return of the baggage and if any compensation is paid as the settlement for the claim for the baggage delay.
'''For loss of checked in baggage:'''
* The airline should issue the property irregularity report.
* The resort should state the date and time for the arrival of the baggage.
* The letter should also state the compensation received for the baggage.
* The proof of ownership of the items which has a value exceeding USD 100 is also to be submitted.

'''For loss of passport:'''

* The report of the police obtained within 24 hours of the theft of the passport.
* The bill and the receipt of the expenses incurred for obtaining the fresh new passport.