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ICICI Lombard Student medical reimbursement settlement

The comprehensive students’ insurance policies are designed to cover the unexpected medical as well as non medical costs during the period of stay abroad. This policy includes different things like medical expenses, repatriation of remains, dental treatment, loss of baggage or passport, bail bond, study interruption, personal liability etc.

The cash claim settlement process is also available in the student medical insurance policy. In this procedure the TPA directly pays the payment to the service provides on behalf of the company. But sometimes it may happen that the service provider denies accepting the payment directly from the TPA. At that time the insured will have to borne with the costs of the payment which will be paid in reimbursement by the company.

The ICICI Lombard Student medical reimbursement settlement procedures are:

• Firstly to register the claim the customer should call at the helpline numbers and should get in touch with the TPA. The numbers where the customer can call are;

Toll free number to be called from USA and Canada - + 1 866 625 8529 With call back facility to be called from the rest of the world - +91 11 4189 8868 Toll free and accessible number in India - 1800 113 66 Fax: +91 11 4189 8801 E-mail- • The TPA will indentify the caller to save the insured from any chances of fraudulence and deceit. • The customer is suggested to contact the customer care service in any case of accident, emergency or sudden illness. • In case if the death of the person takes place or if the bond benefit have been used the family members of the insured’s family should sponsor the requirements to submit and official death certificate with 30 days of the death. • A statement from the physician stating the cause of the death is required to be submitted within one month from the date of the death. The company will not accept any certificate issued by the relatives and the spouse of the dead. • The TPA will reimburse all claims in Indian currency in the country as fixed by the Reserve Bank of India.

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