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ICICI NRI Demat Account

ICICI bankĀ provides the demat services for the Indians residing outside the country. Any body that is of Indian origin can avail these facilities and own anĀ ICICI NRI demat account.

Following are the conditions for opening an ICICI NRI demat account:

  • Downloading the account opening application form.
  • Filling the form properly and submitting at the site.
  • Documents for identity proof and residence proof to be submitted along with the form.
  • Submission of valid passport and visa mandatory.
  • Photograph of the applicant to be submitted.
  • No approval from the Reserve Bank of India required.
  • If the applicant holds any share in the primary market the reference number of general permission should be maintained.
  • The applicant should decide what type of account he/she needs.
  • If the foreign address is provided for communication NRI rate card will be applicable.
  • Different mode of investments available for the NRIs.
  • Portfolio Investment Scheme or PINs available.
  • Non PINs mode of investments also available.
  • No charges applicable for opening and closing of the accounts.
  • ICICI NRI demat account allows investments through mutual funds, derivatives etc.
  • PINS NRE and PINS NRO are available.
  • Non PINS NRE and Non PINS NRO are also available.
  • No charges are applicable for buying of shares.
  • Selling charges are not applicable for trade on
  • The account maintenance charges applicable are Rs 500 per annum.
  • The customer should sign the agreement provided with the application for in a Rs 100 stamp paper.