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ICICI Online Demat Account

ICICI bank provides a wide range of services for its customers who are willing to use the ICICI online demat account. Opening a demat account is very easy. The user can easily log in to the website and get an account by following the process which is very simple and very fast. The user just need to fill the form and provide the necessary information and mail the form to the bank authorities again. When all the formalities will be done the user can start using his/her respective account.

The main features of the ICICI online demat account are:

  • Downloading the form and application through internet.
  • Filling the application form and submitting the personal details of the applicant.
  • Regular statements and alerts through email.
  • Detailed information about the dividend, interest and bonus which are earned.
  • Dematerialization of the scattered physical shares and consolidation of those into the demat account.
  • Easy accessible service for the NRIs.

The ICICI online demat account have the following charges for its customers:

  • Opening the account is absolutely free of cost.
  • Closing the account is also absolutely free.
  • No applicable charges for purchasing shares and equities.
  • The applicable charges for the maintenance of the account are; standard charges Rs 500 and that for sub brokers are Rs 1200.
  • No selling charges applicable for trade on
  • Charges for internet submitted instructions are 0.04% standard charge and 0.02% for sub brokers.
  • Rs 30 standard applicable charges for failure of rejection and Rs 15 for sub brokers.
  • Rs 35 dematerialization charge for each form and Rs 2 for each extra certificate.
  • Rs 20 rematerialization charges for every 100 securities.
  • Rs 10 applicable per ISIN for instruction submitted through branches.