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IDBI Trading

IDBI Trading id regarded as one of the effective and trusted investment trading institute by several investors of the country. In fact, it enables you to make a huge profit for yourself within a very short period of time. At IDBI trading you can you have the option of trading through Internet model and also Dial-a-Share model as well.

Dial-a-Share model

In case if you choose trade through Dial-a-Share model you will first have to register yourself with the service by providing your necessary details. After registration you can place an order simply by making a phone call to IDBIPaisabuilder. You can trade over the phone by calling a toll-free number which is 1800-22-3355. This method of trading is also quite secure and trusted. Besides, you can get live updates of the financial market while trading over the phone.

Internet model

In case if you have opted for trading through Internet model then the IDBI Trading provides you with it’s dedicated web portal, known as, for IDBI Online Trading. IDBI Paisabuilder is very user friendly website where you can easily invest in equity shares, mutual funds, derivatives and IPOs. Besides, offers several visual aids so that you can interpret your investments in a better way. The website also saves you from the boring task of filling up long investments form.

Advantages of joining

At IDBI Trading the investors can enjoy several benefits. The investors can integrate their banking, Demat and trading accounts so they do not have to depend on the broker or write endless check to follow up their investments. Further, IDBI Trading is quite suitable for the small time investors as it comes at reasonable brokerage rates.