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IIIT Pune (International Institute of Information Technology, Pune) is one of the leading international institute for advance post graduation courses. IIIT Pune was established in 2000 (see comments too),Like every IIIT, IIIT Pune is an autonomous college where the academic courses and curriculum are designed by their own class professors and researchers, IIIT Pune is also the approved centre of researches of Pune University.

IIIT Pune offers postgraduate programs in advance technologies like Information Technology, VLSI, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, CFD, Oil & Gas Engineering & Management domains and apart from professional post graduation programs,IIIT Pune also offers PHD programs.

IIIT Pune runs following programs under various categories:

School of Information Technology, IIIT Pune offers post graduation degrees in advance technical fields which includes:

  • APGP-ST : Advanced Postgraduate Program in Software Technologies
  • Advanced Postgraduate Program in Networking and Telecommunications (APGP-NTC)
  • APGP-NTC: Advanced Postgraduate Program in Embedded System Design
  • APGP-MVD : Advanced Postgraduate Program in Microelectronics and VLSI Design

School of Management Technology, IIIT Pune offers APGP-BM (Advanced Post graduate Program in Business Management) in following domains:

  • Advanced Postgraduate Program in Information Technology Management (APGP-ITM)
  • Advanced Postgraduate Program in Telecom Management (APGP-TCM)
  • Advanced Postgraduate Program in Biotechnology Management (APGP-BTM)
  • Advanced Postgraduate Program in Oil and Gas Management (APGP-OGM)
  • Finance
  • Human Resource
  • Marketing
  • Production and Operations

IIIT Pune also offers advanced PHD programs in Electronics and Telecom, Computer Engineering and Information Technology.

How to take admission in IIIT Pune?

Aspiring candidates who would like to apply for any of the Advanced Postgraduate Programs would have to register and fill up application online or download it from (

Candidates need to qualify and beat the required cut off for Online Entrance Test conducted by IIIT, Pune. IIIT Pune conducts this online entrance test at various centers across the country.

Other than that, it is not mandatory but if candidates have qualified any of the ” Accepted Qualifying Exams” which are CET/ ATMA / CAT / GATE / MAT / GMAT / GRE / XAT during the 24 months preceding July 1, 2009, they will get additional weightage and will be getting extra points in merit list.

IIIT Pune Fee Structure:

for APGP-BM/APGP-ITM/APGP-TCM and APGP-BTM programs ,total fee varies between 444,480 and 480,480 based on the singel occupancy, double occypancy and triple occupancy selected.

For APGP-ST Program,total fee varies between 438,980 and 474,980 based on the singel occupancy, double occypancy and triple occupancy selected.

For APGP-NTC / APGP-BI / APGP-BT Program,total fee varies between 433,980 and 469,980 based on the singel occupancy, double occypancy and triple occupancy selected.

For APGP-ESD / MVD / NST / NE / NB / NCT / ISR / ITS / SCS Programs,total fee varies between 484,980 and 520,980 based on the singel occupancy, double occypancy and triple occupancy selected.

For M-Tech(GE/CFD) programs,total fee varies between 472,980 and 505,980 based on the singel occupancy, double occypancy and triple occupancy selected.

For M-Tech(GE/CFD) programs,total fee varies between 606,000 and 639,000 based on the singel occupancy, double occypancy and triple occupancy selected.

Placements at IIIT Pune:

placement is very good from last many years, more than 200 national and multinational comapnies came for campus placement last three years. Major Recruiters are: Accenture, Capgemini, Bajaj, BPL,TCS, Wipro, Sasken, Siemens, HDFC Bank, Tally, KPIT Cummins, Tech Mahindra, ICICI Prudential, IBM, Deloitte, Infosys Technologies etc.

IIIT Pune Adress and Contact Details:

IIIT Pune International Institute of Information Technology, P-14, Pune Infotech Park, Hinjawadi, Pune - 411 057 Phone: +91-20-22933441 Fax: +91-20-22934191 Website:


this is a false information. I was a student of IIIT-pune in aug 2008. because of the name IIIT, i got confused and i thought that it is one of the IIIT's. But lter on I came to know it is not affiliated to any university. not approved by AICTE. it is only an autonomous institution affliated not even to pune university. The degree given by them is an unrecognized one. That is why i left the college by not even completing a year. The staffs are not that much efficient. many of the faculty doesnt have knowledge about the subject what they are teaching. Only 2 or 3 are good. Finally i can say boldly that it is wste of money, time nd energy to study there. Labs are utter waste and total nonsense for a Technical degree such as MS.

Hi Vijaya, I have applied for PG program in Software Technology in Pune.I have also got through IIIT-Bh.Please let me know which one is better???Please give u'r mail ID so that I can contact you.My mail ID is urgent.

Hi!! I, 100% will advice you not to prefer IIIT-pune. comparatively IIIT-bh is better. But no career growth u can expect. I ask you to forget those two colleges if u really need good placements and a good career. Also they are money suckers. At this time, admissions would have been over in good colleges. But still, u can prefer Manipal University, karnataka.. Itz a very good university.. approved by UGC..But not by AICTE. It is not necessary that a deemed university should be approved by AICTE as per Indian law. But the IIIT-pune and bhu are not affiliated to any university atleast. So better think more before taking admission in a college..

Vijayalaxmi, Can you please give me clear information on MBA in IIIT Pune? I am planning to take up MBA course there. THanks, Sachin

I have already stated about this IIIT-Pune very clearly i believe.. Jus read all the comments that i have posted. For MBA, i would suggest you to do in bangalore. because you can get 1 year internship these dayzz.. many good colleges are giving dual degree such as MBA,PGPM or PGPPE etc.,.. U can have a good exposure. But if you choose IIIT for MBA, You cant get the Industry exposure..poor placements. if u get internship, then most of the times you have to bare the expenses. very rarely you will get a paid internship. My suggestion is that, it is better to forget about IIIT-pune. Then its up to you. Wish you all the best.

only the trust and their finolex groups has started in 1979. that academy is approved by AICTE and affiliated to mumbai university. But IIIT-pune is not affiliated. It is better to do some certification courses in some good institutes like NIIT,APTECH. Equipments deficiency is there in labs. Also no co-operation is given in the lab sessions by staffs as well as by students. It is a mere fish market. Total bad education methodology. They are huge money suckers..people who wanted as MS after their name can go for that institution

Hi... I have already told clearly about IIIT-Pune. The quality of education and the standard of education is too low what ever may be the case whether it is MS or MBA. It is not affiliated to any university. It is not approved by AICTE. It is just an autonomous body giving an unrecognized degree,.. By spending huge amount say 5-6L, you u r interested in getting an unrecognized one.?? even the value of a certificate given in a coaching center, is more than the degree given by IIIT-pune.

I have gt thru Netwroking and Telecommunications in I2IT,Pune.I want to know whether or not I shud join the same? Please help me out as soon as possible.

I have clearly told tat what had happened to me . . .i too joined for d same n/wks n telecomms. ..but now, i discontinued and i was in search of my career.. . . better wait for a year and do studies in a good college.. . . . .but if u join in IIIT-Pune, u hav to loose ur career. . .decision is urs. .. read things what evr i hav told bot IIIT-pune and then take ur decision. . . . but tak a right decision deepthi. . .

i got admission in IIIT-PUNE, FOR NETWORKS AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS............... right now am not having any opportunities to get..... but if i try for 1more year i MAY get........ so, kindly say me that how it would be if do MASTERS IN NETWORKS AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS IN IQUAREIT-PUNE??????

I have clearly told tat what had happened to me . . .i too joined for d same n/wks n telecomms. ..but now, i discontinued and i was in search of my career.. . . better wait for a year and do studies in a good college.. . . . .but if u join in IIIT-Pune, u hav to loose ur career. . .decision is urs. .. read things what evr i hav told bot IIIT-pune and then take ur decision. .

wat u said is also not true every time. Every time a person cannot get the guidance in that coll...Placement is an important thing. its not lik if he/she gets or not. else, they have to search outside..For an unrecognized degree from unaffiliated college, none will be ready to provide placement once if start searching outside. people from reputed universities are only struggling for placements.. then how its possible for an unrecognized college??

hello....I read all posts and thanks coz im going to apply for IIIT pune for but i read all ur warnings. Will you plz tell me which IIIT is better for in software or IT ? I didn't apply for GATE this year and now I have only limited options otherwise i've to wait one more year.Will u plz tell me which IIIT is better for .I am applying for IIIT-H also and BITS .Waiting for reply thanks

my aieee rank is 28070....can i get admission in comp,ece,it or eee of the college...if not please suggest a good college....please help..m really confused please reply fast,the counselling date is soon approaching

I want to take admission in IIIT pune for Computer Engineering. I have passed my HSC with 72% .Still I have to get my MHTCET result. What is the criteria for admission? What is the general fee struture? Can a NRI sponser me in the NRI quota (if applicable)?plz reply

hiiii every one i am a student of iiit pune(still pursuing),i2it (it is not iiit pune)is an autonomous institute established having the only motto of sucking money from the students as much as they can.The faculty is the worst one ever you have seen,noteven worth a penny also,the lab facilities are degraded compared to B.E.&B.TECH colleges.all the details given by students relation cell regarding accredition,faculty,placements are all fake.the degree they are giving is of no use and the 2 years you spent here is considered as educational gap .

Hi everyone. I am a student of I2IT.I would like to share something with you.While taking admission to the college the admission cell guys will talk very politely with you.They will say that we are on the verge of getting AICTE approval.(Fake).After that they will say we r having a faculty to students ratio as 1:8.(Again fake).And whatever r there r not teaching anything.Classes are not going on regularly.No lab facality. Labs r there but without components.Empty labs.Whatever projects you have to do,you have to do on ur own.You have to bring all the components.They say we r having tie up with so and so company.(Fake).Placements r not at all good.APGP is the degree which we will be getting.Nobody outside the campus knows what is APGP.(I m sure many people inside also must not be knowing).And the worst thing "The Management".Ohhh I forget to mention about food.At start they will give u nice.But as u grow older u will come to know.Its of cheap quality.This is my kind request to the one who wants to join I2IT that plz stay far away from the Institute. Beware of I2IT.Best of Luck........

hi, i don't know who made this comment.i got admission in molecular medicine in isquareit. i'm very much confused to take admission or not.can you plz give me a clear about about taking the admission

Look for other options friend.i suggest try applying to german universities. there are very good programs here,taught completely in english and they do not charge any tuition fee. so,you get a world class degree without having to pay too much for it. if i'm not mistaken,your education in isquareit will cost you more than what you spend in germany. good luck

Hey, I2IT is a great institute. It has now been accredited by IGNOU. IGNOU Degrees are recognized by all member Universities of Association of India Unversities (AIU) and are at par with Degrees of all Indian Universities / Institutes.You can find out about the companies I2IT has been associated with on their website. It might help.

I2IT is awesome. Especially the campus and facilities. Great atmosphere and a stress free environment. Good to know about it’s newly acquired accreditation which makes it at par with all other universities.

hi....vishal, plz...can u tell some more about I2IT...???? can i have your email address...mail it to me at

I am a student of VINOBA BHAVE UNIVERSITY HAZARIBAG,JHARKHAND Sir I want to complete M.TECH in Information technology .I have completed my MCA from VBU .

IIITs are the worst...u cant make it to IITs ur all losers...first qualify for GATE assholes..i am masters student in IIT Delhi...if u have anything to say

who the hell are you to judge other people's calibre? and mind your language you freak. just because you got into IIT on a SC/ST quota does not give you the right to abuse other people. by the way,i'm a PhD student in germany and your IIT is crap compared to the research they do here. if you can't help others,atleast do not demonstrate your arrogance here.for your kind information,IIT's do not even feature in the top 1000 universities in the world!!

some of the students inIIIT PUNE are telling vulgre and abusive comments is that true this is ridiculous and i cant tolerate this ,this is disgusting and i want a clear clarification about IIIT PUNE PLEASE DONT PLAY WITH STUDENT CAREERS,if it is a worst institute then students already studying there are donkeys or pigs or some sort of specimens this is very bad on the part of some students who commented like this.

pls help to my love. I don t hv contact with my lover in iiit pune. she is 1 m-tec nw. i came thr nd met her i dont knw her frds at thr plsssssssssssssssss help to my love get success. Its true pls belive me plssssss. I can prove my love by dng any thing mail id is PLS HELP TO MY LOVE ND TRUST ME.

i got 93 percentile in gate and i applied for iiit-pune. I got the call for written test and interview. Should i join the institute or should i try for some other institute like NITs.

Hi, I'm planning for MBA in I2IT Pune. I have 2 years of experience... I read lots of negative feedback about I2IT...But i want to know what is the current situation there? Is it worth to take admission in I2IT for MBA? I need to take admission only in Pune... Please advise

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Hi, I have got a seat in IIIT pune, for Computer Science Engg.I do not have another option. I would like to know how good it is to join there? Plz reply asap.

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