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Icici Lombard Individual Overseas Travel Insurance

The ICICI Lombard is considered to be the largest of the private insurance companies. It has different insurance policies which secure different aspects of life.

The ICICI Lombard Individual Overseas Travel Insurance is a comprehensive travel insurance policy which covers the unexpected medical and non medical expenses when the insurance holder is travelling abroad. It also covers the benefits like loss or delay of baggage or cashless hospitalization all over the world.

'''The key benefits of ICICI Lombard Individual Overseas Travel Insurance are:'''

• It includes cashless hospitalization facility all around the world.

• It also makes the customers avail quality health care through their collaboration with the United Health Care Group.

• No medical checkup is required along with this insurance.
• This insurance policy also covers the medical emigration costs back to India.

• The eligibility of ICICI Lombard Individual Overseas Travel Insurance is from 1 year to 70 years.

• The policy duration is that it covers short trips of 7 days to 180 days and can even be extended.

• The maximum policy is US $ 50,000 to US $ 100,000.

• The premium of this policy is payable on per day basis but not in slabs. The EMIs can be paid without any extra charge on ICICI Bank, HDFC bank, Citibank credit cards.

• There is a sum of money to be deducted or Policy Excess of US $ 100. This means for any claim the first $100 are to be submitted by the insured.

• The additional coverage of this insurance policy includes dental treatment, medical evacuation, repatriation, baggage, interruption, trip cancellation etc.

'''But he ICICI Lombard Individual Overseas Travel Insurance excludes some features like: '''

• The pre existing conditions of the insurance holder except life threatening situations.

• It also excludes addiction to alcohol and drugs, mentally retarded patients, anxiety or depression patients or patients with venereal diseases.