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Icici Lombard Travel Cashless Settlement Procedure

The ICICI Lombard Travel Cashless Settlement Procedures which are to be followed by the customer are:

• The customer should inform the helpline number to register for the claim. The customer will get in touch with the customer service manager at the helpline number and the customer service manager will give in all the details for the registration and the claims. The numbers where the customer should call are toll free - From USA and Canada: + 1 866 625 8529
With call back facility from the rest of the world: +91 11 4189 8868
In India: +91 11 4189 8800
For enquiry related to reimbursement the number is 1800 113 666. This number is also toll free and is accessible only at the business hours.
Fax: +91 11 4189 8801

• The insured person should inform at the help line numbers about the accident as soon as possible. The company will not pay any claim which has not been informed while the person is returning to the country from abroad.

• In any case of emergency, sudden illness or accident the customer should contact the helpline number as early as possible.

• If there is any kind of financial emergency the customer should call the helpline numbers and give the details of the policy along with the details and the written statement recounting the episode of the loss.

• If there is any case of hijacking the incident should be confirmed by the authorities of the police. The details of the passport and other details should be mentioned in the report of the police.

• After the completion of the above procedures the TPA should authenticate and validate the claim.

• The TPA will settle the bill with the hospital on behalf of the company.

• In any case of the service provider denies to accept the payment from the TPA the cost s to be borne by the insured person. The company will reimburse the cost on the basis of the details.