Icici Pru Wealth Advantage

The ICICI Pru Wealth Advantage life insurance is such a policy which requires the attention of the customer once but pays for the entire lifetime. This is the first whole life of the ULIP that renders cover for a long term and allows the customer to stay invested for the entire lifetime.

The chief features of the ICICI Pru Wealth Advantage are:

  • The minimum entry age for the policy is 0 years and the maximum entry age is 65 years.
  • The minimum time covered for the ceasing age is 7 years and the maximum cover ceasing age is 70 years.
  • The minimum amount to be paid as premium is Rs 25000/- per year.
  • Single payment option is available for the policy.
  • The sum assured for the policy is either 125% or 500% of the premium.
  • The premium up to 20% of the sum assured is eligible for tax under the section 10 (10D).

The additional benefits of ICICI Pru Wealth Advantage are:

  • The whole life plan is available for the lifetime to stay invested without any compromise of the insurance protection and the policy holder will get the cover till 70 years.
  • The option for single premium provides the convenience of paying the premium for once and stay invested for the whole life.
  • Automatic withdrawal plan of ICICI Pru Wealth Advantage guarantees liquidity throughout the life of the policy holder. With the Automatic Withdrawal Plan the policy holder can take a fixed amount out of the account as par the regular schedule chosen by him/her. AWP is allowed after 6th policy year.
  • As death benefit the family of the policy holder will receive the higher of Fund Value or Assured Sum if anything happens to the person.

> Icici Pru Wealth Advantage
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Hi, I want to know if am


I want to know if am investing 12k per year for 5 years, how much will be my min or max returns.

Is this policy is the best one for the investment and for insurance?

Please advice me.

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