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Importance Of The MOT Certificate

The MOT certificate is an official document that testifies that your automobile has met the minimum safety and environmental standards set by the law when it was being tested. However this does not prove that the automobile is worthy to be driven on the road for as long as you possess the certificate; having the certificate does not mean you can neglect your regular maintenance.

As a responsible citizen and the owner of the automobile you should go for the MOT test regularly and pass the test. You need to remember the expiry date and the date of the test. Sometimes the police may want to check the MOT certificate if they feel that you are driving an un-roadworthy vehicle. They also have access to computerized MOT data and can trace you. Your car insurance can also become invalid if you are driving a vehicle that has failed the MOT test.

Steps to obtain a duplicate MOT certificate

So in case you lose your MOT certificate it is imperative that you get a duplicate of it as soon as possible.

For this reason you need to follow certain procedures. They are

1) Get a MOT certificate from any testing station. 2) You need to know the vehicle registration mark and the number of the original MOT test or the reference number of the certificate which can be found on the registration certificate. 3) You also need to pay a fee for obtaining the duplicate MOT certificate.

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